Boom Town is the griefer town for the most destructive and mischievous. It is one of the 5 main communities in MC:SM Rewritten. It is also one of the locations in Minecraft Story Mode: The Series.

Major Inhabitants

  • Nohr
  • Smiley
  • Magnus (formerly)
  • Ivy and the Rogues

Minor Inhabitants

  • TNT Dustin
  • D. Fisher
  • Other Griefers

Notable Visitors

In Rewritten Series

  • Jesse
  • Axel
  • Reuben

In MCSM: The Series


Immediately after this place was built, the griefers went nuts and totally demolished it to match their look. Boom Town is the only city which is one of the major 5 communities. Jesse, Axel, and Reuben went there to get Magnus' help back in the Wither Storm saga. Most of it was sucked up by the Wither Storm, but was quickly rebuilt in the events of Episode 5 (kind of). Nohr and Smiley used to run the place together as its leaders, meeting with the other leaders of Minecraftia. But now, the town is going through dark times, as Ivy and her rogues have driven most of the griefers out, and taken Boom Town over as their home base. The former griefers are now wanderers, waiting for the day they get to reclaim their home.


  • It is unknown where the rogue headquarters is, until it is revealed to be in Boom Town, courtesy of the events in "A Christmas Casuality."