Jeb's Spell Book is a special book full of spells he made to aid the Command Block Amulet. It is seen in the MC:SM Rewritten series.

Owned By:

  • Notch (formerly)
  • Jeb (formerly)
  • Vex (formerly)
  • George (formerly)
  • Nicole (formerly)
  • Phillip (formerly)
  • Nikki (currently)
  • Ivy (briefly)


As Notch was in the progress of creating the world with the command block amulet, Jeb worried about what would happen if the amulet was ever lost. So, as a failsafe, he made a spell book that could be used so long as the amulet was inactive. The spell book and the command block amulet were forever linked, so if one was on, the other was off, meaning that the book couldn't be used if the amulet was being used, unless you enchant it with the Activation Shield enchantment.

After Jeb had used the amulet, he passed both the spell book and the amulet to Vex, who gathered the Old Builders for the first time. As time went on, the amulet was passed down from leader-to-leader.

But, during Nicole's reign, there was some trouble with Janice and her minionic mobs. To make sure she couldn't have too much power, Nicole hid the spell book and defeated Janice. Then, she passed the amulet to Phillip. But she never got the chance to tell anyone where it was.

And so, Jeb's book remained hidden for centuries. That is, until Ivy found it, nestled deep in the Outlands. In the events of "Your Best Frienemy," she used the spell book to fight Nikki and the Orders of the Stone.