Retold, Re-ventured, Rewritten is the exclusive pass which bears the entire MC:SM Rewritten story.


  • The Great Journey Pass
    • Order Up! (Rewritten Edition)
    • A Portal to Mystery (Rewritten Edition)
    • Access Denied (Rewritten Edition)
    • A Journey's End? (Rewritten Edition)
  • Friends Never Fail Pass
    • Hero in Residence (Rewritten Edition)
    • Giant Consequences (Rewritten Edition)
    • Jailhouse Block (Rewritten Edition)
    • Below the Bedrock (Rewritten Edition)
    • Above and Beyond (Rewritten Edition)


  • This pass covers the main timeline of MC:SM Rewritten, but not the Side Stories that follow.
  • Due to the release of S2, Shipper has confirmed that there will be more passes in this one pass, and that the series is not over.