The Vex Bride is the first episode of the MC:SM Rewritten Side Stories series.


Jesse and Nikki are with the New Order of the Stone, trying to decide where to explore next. When they visit an old woodland mansion, two weird new mobs chase Jesse and Nikki through a portal. The siblings find themselves trapped in a dark world with no escape. They explore the place in search of the key that will reactivate the portal, and run into a she-version of the creature! Now, they are on one whirlwind adventure to flee the constant terror. When it is discovered that the she-creature wants to make Jesse her eternal husband, it's up to Nikki to save him from the worst and last decision her brother is ever to make.



Take the Order with you or go with Nikki alone?

Fight the vexes or escape into the portal?

Hide from the she-vex or flee?

Save Nikki or save yourself?

Sacrifice yourself or escape?




  • Petra
  • Lukas
  • Jenny
  • Olivia
Welcome to the family nikkie by michioreo123-dalh9cc

Jesse's flashback of Nikki's birth. (art by Michioreo123)


  • "Morning, Tiny!"

-Jesse, Chapter 1

  • "Forget about that! Let's bail!"

-Nikki, Chapter 2

  • "You're coming with me...forever!"

-Emelda, Chapter 6

  • "Uh...were we supposed to notice they're getting away?"

-Lennie, Chapter 7

Thoughts on the Story

You know the drill! Judge away!

There there by michioreo123-damgiar

Jesse and Nikki in Chapter 4. (art by Michioreo123)


  • Oddly enough, there is no shipping of any sort in this story.
  • This is a Halloween-based tale, upon being released in the October season.
  • Lennie the Vex is a similar character to the actual Lennie from "Of Mice and Men," by John Steinback.
  • Nikki is actually way shorter than she appears on the cover image. She only goes up to Jesse's stomach in the way Shipper made her.
  • "The Vex Bride" cover was made by Michioreo123.
    • As a matter of fact, all the art for "The Vex Bride," has been created by Michioreo123. (Translation? A whole lotta talent!)
  • The other episodes for the Side Stories series actually came before "The Vex Bride," which was meant to be a Halloween special for Shipper's watchers on Deviantart.
  • This is also known as "The Lost Episode 9" for a contest on the official MC:SM Wiki. This is the story Shipper entered. The winner gets the title "Famous Storyteller."
    • This means that this story is the true season finale of "MC:SM Rewritten," S1.