Village Country is the expanded homeland of the humble villagers. It is one of the 5 main communities in MC:SM Rewritten.

Major Inhabitants

  • Peter
  • Diane
  • Aunt Tenana
  • Thomas

Minor Inhabitants

  • Cartographer Ron
  • Other Villagers

Notable Visitors

  • Jesse's Gang
  • Janice and the Mobs


This place was at first just a simple village. When Janice, the mob queen, and her mobs attacked, very little was left. Block by block, and year by year, they built until it was bigger than before. Now, this is place is a major trading point, where the lost can receive items for obtainable items. Even though this is the villager's territory, normal people have also settled down here, such as Petra's family, and her best friend growing up. This place makes an appearance in "Friendship Never Parts" as a vacation spot, and in "Calling all Crafters 2: Shakalaka Craftopia" as the host of a secret town called Craftopia, where the group finds Petra's family.


  • Shipper had no idea what to call the secret town at first, but then, their friend, Pretty, helped them inspire the name from her OC's own home, Minetopia.